Nespresso Explorations


While freelancing at JWT London, myself and the lovely Sue Modral were challenged to come up with a new platform for Nespresso – one that showed off their wide-reaching knowledge of coffees from rare origins. We came up with Explorations. To support this new collection of luxury coffees, I then went off to Laos for ten days to shoot the first film in the series…YouTube link here:

Nespresso Explorations 1 – Laos Bolaven Plateau


Tech21 digital and OOH campaign

I recently freelanced at media agency Tug, who wanted to demonstrate that they could deliver creative work as well as their usual media and social strategies. The brief was to raise awareness of Tech21, a company that make protective cases for smartphones. I worked with CD Phil Mountjoy to create an online and OOH campaign that brought to life the thoughts that go through your head when you drop your phone. Some of the language was pretty risky, but the client was thankfully brave enough to go with it. (And yes, that’s the Chrysler Building in NYC for the OOH!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.09.37

Lynx + CALM Award-winning Campaign

While freelancing at TMW, I teamed up with CD Jeff Bowerman, and along with Ugo Galelli & Becks Wardell developed a campaign that would help the Lynx brand start tackling the bigger issues affecting their consumers. This involved partnering up with The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and helping them raise awareness of how big an issue male suicide is in the UK. We did this by putting the issue alongside other topics being discussed online and in the media. With backing from celebs like Pro Green and Stephen Fry, the hashtag #BiggerIssues and a Twitter Thunderclap, the campaign reached over 23 million people. It’s also gone on to win a Drum Marketing Award, a Webby (Honoree), a Brand Republic Digital Award, a Creative Pool Annual Award and a Business Charity Award. Nay bad.


Help-Link 30″ DR-TVC

Okay, so maybe not as glamorous as the CGI-heavy BBC and Blinkbox ads below, but sometimes you just need to sell stuff. This is a nice little DR-TV spot I did for production company Kream earlier this year, with the help of awesome producer-director combo of Sam Breen and Ed Rosie. Simple idea, nice execution, and a good V/O too (and please ignore typo in the CTA at the top – this WAS changed before airing, I assure you!)

BBC Music Awards 40″ TVC – NOT AIRED

Okay, so this ad never actually aired. But I had to put it up here because I poured over 3 months of my life into it, only for the ad to get pulled at the last minute (for reasons I’ll only discuss in person – they’re THAT funny). Anyway, this was for the new BBC Music Awards, a celebration of the best music moments from throughout the year. We thought it’d be cool if one of the hosts of the Awards (Fearne Cotton, ultimate pro) was thrown back into the moments themselves. Take a look.